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  1. Background.
    The Front Garden Action Group (FRAG) was formed in June 1997 by residents of Swindon when it was heard that there was an intention by developers and the Council to build houses on the stretch of land known as the "Front Garden"
    (a 2 mile by half mile area between Junctions 15 and 16 of the M4, also often called "the lungs" of Swindon)

  2. General.
    FRAG held its first public meeting on 9 September 1997, attended by over 200 people, and support has been growing ever since. Several public meetings and marches have been held since, and a petition with several thousand signatures has been delivered to the Council.

  3. Objections.
    The Front Garden Action Group have listed over
    20 practical objections to development on the Front Garden, as shown attached, and intend to intensify the fight against development until the proposal is withdrawn.
    It is argued that the Front Garden is a stupid, illogical, and unhealthy place on which to site. houses, and that in any case the quantity of houses proposed for Swindon up to 2011 is unnecessarily high.
    The fight against housing development includes a letter to Mr Prescott which will be sent in early November, a letter to Councillors appealing for them to vote against housing development on the Front Garden when the subject is debated in full Council on the 23rd November, a legal appeal against the seriously flawed SBC Technical Appraisal, and a proposal to establish a New Country Park on the Front Garden.

  4. Public Views.
    Many thousands of Swindonians objected to the Councils proposals during the public consultation period in 1998 and so far the Council have cynically disregarded these opinions

  5. Future Events.
    The next public event is a mass walk along the old railway path on Sunday 19th November, culminating in a rally at the old Rushy Platt sidings at 3 P.M. Watch out for details in the media. This walk precedes the Council meeting of the 23rd and we want as many supporters as possibler to join in, to show the strength of public opinion.

  6. Information.
    A car! window sticker saying "Hands off Swindon's Front Garden" is available free to anyone who wants one.
    If you would like more information, or would like to register as a supporter, please ring Swindon 487154.

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